Reuse and Repair is cool and all, but...

Why make it a company?

Trying to consume, maintain, reuse, and dispose of goods properly across all the items and all the industries we encounter in life is simply an unreasonable ask of consumers.

The financial incentive on companies is to make items disposable. We want to reverse that incentive.

Lend and Mend wants to make it easier and more accessible to use what we already have.

Our values

Before we buy new - can we borrow? can we rent? can we buy used?
Before we throw away - can we repair? can we make use of parts?

We are busy people, who need to put our own health and the health of our families first. The current system is not designed to make zero waste easy for us as consumers.

Wherever we are on our journey to lower our environmental impact, we are all welcome, judgement free, into this community.